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3 février 2020

Nathan Watson crowned 2020 French Beach Race Champion at Enduropale du Touquet


Nathan Watson repeat his 2019 victory concluding the 2020 French Beach Race Championship at first place.

Continuing to keep up a fast and solid pace, teammate Camille Chapeliere battled hard for a top-three result for the remainder of the race, eventually crossing the finish line in a close fourth. In doing so, Camille secured his position of third overall in the championship chase.

Nathan Watson: “It’s been a hard season, but to come away with back-to-back French Beach Race titles is amazing. It’s a credit to the team, they worked so hard to get this result. It’s me out on the track but it really is a team effort, for sure. Naturally, I wanted to win the championship with victory here today, but the cards didn’t fall my way. Between the nature of the track and then the stop-and-go penalty, things were against me. I felt like the track was maybe too fast for me and I needed more corners to slow the early pace down. I hold my hands up about the start, I simply got my timing a little wrong with the bungy being released. I went a little too early. One minute was a tough penalty, especially as I never gained anything and exited the first corner in 12th. But it is what it is. Overall, I’m pleased with the season as a whole. I think that myself and Camille showed we’re two of the strongest guys out there and our bikes never missed a beat. Thanks to KTM and the team, we’ll celebrate this title for sure!”

Championnat de France des Sables, Round 7 – Enduropale du Touquet

3. Nathan Watson (KTM)

4. Camille Chapeliere (KTM)

Championship Standings - Championnat de France des Sables

1. Nathan Watson (KTM)

3. Camille Chapeliere (KTM)

credits: press.ktm.com