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20 septembre 2020

Difficult day for Airohriders at Spring Creek National

2020 National06 Millville Musquin

AMA Motocross - Round 6 – Millville. Marvin Musquin started off the day strong with a 3rd place in moto1. In moto2 Marvin went down while running 4th and fought back to 10th for 6th overall. Musquin is current 3rd in the championship 20 points out with 3 rounds remaining.

Marvin Musquin: “I was doing great in Moto 2 until having a mishap at the very top of the mountain on the left-hander before you drop off. I lost the rear just a little bit and it got sideways even more while I was flying in the air so when I landed I was still sideways and it hooked and I had a big crash. It was hard to get back up but I was able to get some points with 10th. I’m super disappointed because I was looking forward to getting a podium today but I’m very lucky right now to not be injured.”

In the 250 class RJ Hampshire looked strong in moto1 finishing in 2nd. In moto2 the best RJ Hampshire could manage was 11th due to a hip injury sustained in moto1 and good for 6th overall. RJ Hampshire is currently 3rd in the overall. Jalek Swoll went down in moto1 sustaining a shoulder injury finishing 39th. In moto2 the best Jalek Swoll could manage was 18th due to the injury. Stilez Robertson crashed in first practice sustaining a mild concussion and was not cleared to race.

“The weekend started off rough, I had a practice crash in the second session and it actually upset my hip a little more than I thought,” Hampshire said. “I led half of the first moto and was feeling good but I kind of jammed it again and it was just tough after that. We managed to still get 11th in the second moto, which isn’t great, but we had a lot of speed today and I’m stoked on my riding.”

Next Race: WW Ranch National – September 26, 2020

AMA Pro Motocross 2020, Round 06 – Spring Creek National - Millville MN

450MX Class
6. Marvin Musquin (KTM)

250MX Class
6. Rj Hampshire (Husqvarna)

20. Jalek Swoll (Husqvarna)

credits: husqvarna-motorcycle.com & press.ktm.com

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