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19 juillet 2021

Airohriders rules EnduroGP in the grand prix of Estonia

2021 Endurogp03 Estonia Garcia

Resounding podium entirely for AIROH in Overall Classification of World FIM EnduroGP Championship with Josep Garcia, Brad Freeman e Andrea Verona.

A weekend plenty of victories and podiums has just gone on the island of Saaremaa, in Estonia, where the third seasonal round of World FIM EnduroGP Championship was run. A hard race on 50 km track, to repeat four times on Saturday and Sunday, including three different special races disputed in the following sequence: Extreme Test, Enduro Test, Cross Test, all of them on sandy ground becoming more and more demanding because of the deep ruts created in the meantime.

For Garcia it’s the first double win, given that he imposed himself twice in E2 class too, Freeman and Verona reaffirmed their supremacy in their own classes and signed two clear victories, respectively in E3 and E1.

The New Zealander Hamish Macdonald has been shining in EnduroGP, twice absolute sixth, and preceded Steve Holcombe, seventh and eighth. The Belgian Antoine Magain in EnduroGP ended up ninth on Saturday and sixteenth on Sunday, Daniel Mccanney twelfth and seventh, Samuele Bernardini eleventh and tenth.

About the different classes, E1 was ruled by Verona. Magain got the third and sixth position, the French Theo Espinasse, back to races after his absence in the two first Grand Prix due to the fracture of the left clavicle in training, ended up seventh and eighth, the Canadian Kade Tinkler tenth and eleventh, as the nineteen-year-old New Zealander James Scott, at his debut in EnduroGP, eleventh and ninth.

In E2, ruled by Garcia, two third and fourth positions for Macdonald and Holcombe. Jack Edmondson ended twice sixth and Thomas Oldrati, back to races too, after the bad injury on Sunday in Portugal GP, ended up seventh and eighth. Twelfth and thirteenth place, finally, for Alex Snow.

In E3 class, all podium for AIROH with Freeman, the Spanish Jaume Betriu and Mccanney.

In Junior EJ1, seventh and tenth position for Manolo Morettini.

Now, just the few necessary days to come to Sweden in Skovde and then AIROH riders will face the fourth Grand Prix in the season to run from Thursday 22nd July to Saturday 24th July.

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