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12 octobre 2020

Airohriders rule both MXGP and MX2 classes at Spanish Grand Prix

2020 MXGP12 Spagna Prado

MXGP of Spain – Arroyomolinos: This week took twelfth Grand Prix of the 2020 Motocross World Championship at Arroyomolinos in Spain.


Jorge Prado takes first 1-1 in MXGP to celebrate maiden win on home turf. Prado’s fifth appearance on the rostrum from the last six Grands Prix means he is now up to 4th in the championship standings and is just 5 points from the top three.

Jorge Prado: “Exactly what I wanted to do today. This was my goal here in Spain. My first 1-1 in MXGP! I felt I was the best out there and I was really excited when I crossed the finish line. The second race was really good. The first laps were intense with Tim and the track was very technical and a lot of ruts. You had to be very precise and smooth, no mistakes. It was an amazing day.”

Tony Cairoli: “A bad start in the first moto and I managed to make it back to 7th place. It wasn’t so easy to pass here but I didn’t want to lose many points so I had to make it happen. I wasn’t too happy, but the second moto start was better. I tried to do the second corner aggressively but caught my knee and it felt painful for a while. I pushed again. I lost some positions and won some but finished 6th. Not really a good weekend but we can re-group to make a push in the last six races. There are still plenty more points on the plate. We go to Lommel now and a lot can happen in the sand.”


Vialle is the first French winner of the Spanish GP for ten years. He defends a 52-point cushion (a full Grand Prix with six left on the calendar) over Geerts.

Tom Vialle: “I was riding well all day. Just in that second moto the back wheel came up and I stalled the bike under braking. I was a little bit angry because it was on the last lap but we still took the overall and made some more points in the championship. I’ve been riding a lot in the sand and I really like it so I hope we can do well at Lommel.”

Next Grand Prix will start at Lommel in Belgium with another triple header on October 18th, 21st and 25th.

Motocross World Championship 2020, Round 12 – Xanadú-Arroyomolinos, Spain


1. Jorge Prado (KTM)

6. Antonio Cairoli (KTM)


1. Tom Vialle (KTM)

10. Isak Gifting (GasGas)

11. Ruben Fernandez (Yamaha)

21. Michael Sandner (GasGas)


9. Pietro Razzini (Husqvarna)

20. Daniel Gimm (Yamaha)

credits: press.ktm.com

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