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16 septembre 2019

Airoh Helmet rules world Enduro GP Championship in Czech Republic


First tie-break for EnduroGP World Championship, on the track in Uhlirske Janovice, Czech Republic, last weekend, for the sixth, second to last round of the season 2019, where AIROH HELMET staked a claim on two World Titles.

After three months summer break since Bergamo Valleys Italy GP, at the Grand Prix of Czech Republic AIROH HELMET obtained another successful weekend. A hard-fought race, in which the four-time champion Steve Holcombe (Beta), staked a big claim on a new conquest of E3 title, thanks to the victory of the two days race. Through this double big success, he strengthened his leadership in national parade and kept intact the chance to aim at the Absolute of EnduroGP.AIROH HELMET is on top of podium in Youth class too, with the Under 21 New Zealander Hamish MacDonald (Sherco), the big ruler of the two days race. He staked a big claim on the title conquest too, that is to be disputed in three weeks in France GP.If Holcombe has ruled E3 class, Matteo Cavallo (Sherco) was very good at getting twice the second place of the podium in E3 and strengthening the third position in classification. In E1 class, Thomas Oldrati (Honda-RedMoto) got the fourth and the third position confirming the second place in classification. Good race for Davide Guarneri too (Honda-RedMoto), third on Saturday and fifth on Sunday, who slowed down because of the physical problems of his back.The Corsican Christophe Charlier (Honda-RedMoto) upheld the banner of AIROH HELMET in E2 class, fourth and fifth position behind the Chilean of Beta, Benjamin Herrera, fifth place on the first day.Among the young Junior class riders, the French of Sherco Theo Espinasse got the third position and an amazing win in Junior absolute class.Among Youth riders, Manolo Morettini (KTM-Farioli) has ended the Grand Prix by the eighth and the sixth position.Next meeting of World EnduroGP will be on 27th– 28th– 29thof September at France GP in Ambert, the closing race of season 2019.