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16 novembre 2020

A triumphal season for Airoh in 2020 World Enduro Championship

2020 Endurogp04 Portugal2 Holcombe

On the second Grand Prix of Portugal, run from November 13thto 15th, again in the little town Marco De Canaveses, in Porto district, Airoh just broke through the threshold of 100 world titles with six fantastic victories in the World Enduro Championship.

Steve Holcombe (Beta-Factory) conquered his seventh world title and won since the first race-day the World Championship of E2 class and then on Sunday he got EnduroGP Championship.

Again with Beta-Factory, the young English Brad Freeman on Saturday conquered the World Championship in E3 class. On a final full of twists, Freeman staked his second title of EnduroGP on it and ended up on the second step of the podium.

In overall Junior class and Junior EJ2, two other World Championships for Airoh with the young New Zealander Hamish Macdonald (Sherco-CH Racing) and two second positions with the French Theo Espinasse (Sherco-CH Racing).

In the end, the Finn Roni Kytonen (Honda-RedMoto) wins the title, conquering the Junior EJ1 class.

That’s not all, because Airoh got the second position of E1 class with Thomas Oldrati (Honda-RedMoto), twice second in this GP. The Spanish Josep Garcia with KTM Factory obtained a strepitous second and the first position in E2 class and a third and the first position in EnduroGP. The English Daniel Mccanney (Honda-RedMoto) in E2 ended third in World Championship thanks to the fourth and third position at the end of this race. After a promising third place on the podium on Saturday, Matteo Cavallo (Sherco-CH Racing) on Sunday was bound to withdraw because of a fall, and so ended fourth in the championship. In E3 class, two second places for the Spanish Jaume Betriu (KTM), second in the championship too; Rudy Moroni (KTM-Farioli) ended seventh and sixth and seized the seventh final position.

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