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05 août 2022

As main partner and official helmet of the FIM International Six Days of Enduro, we’re proud to launch the Aviator 3 Six Days France, a 500 pieces limited edition.

Don’t let bad moments get you down.

Fight back, never quit, saddle up and enjoy the journey.

Awake the warrior inside you, take your armor!


This helmet has all the innovative features of our “standard” top-of-the-range off road helmet, to which are added some very special details.

The product and boxes design were created ad hoc, inspired by French culture, to emphasize the return to France of this historical event.

To highlight the exclusivity of this incredible Aviator 3, every helmet’s edge will show the production serial number, this element will also be reproduced on the dedicated packaging and on the special passport; to make every single piece literally one of a kind.

In addition, for those who’ll buy the Aviator 3 Six Days France in preview on the official e-commerce it is possible to laser-print additional words or number on the edge, making this helmet even more personal.