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Airohriders podiums at Cahors, round four of the 2021 Trial World Championship

30 août 2021

Fresh from his first win of the season at round three, Adam Raga led by a mark after the opening three sections but a maximum on the fourth – and then another on the eighth – effectively ended his hopes of back-to-back victories.

In the Trial 2 Class an excellent result for Aniol Gelabert who closes second of the day and earns important points in the championship.

Gaudi Vall, a young trial rider from Andorra, took the podium in the Trial125 category.


Trial World Championship 2021, Round 4 – Cahors (France)

Adam Raga (TRS)                      P2

Jeroni Fajardo (Sherco)              P10

Aniol Gelabert (Beta)                 P2

Jack Peace (Sherco)                   P4

Arnau Farré (Scorpa)                  P8

Sergio Ribau (Scorpa)                 P12

Billy Green (Scorpa)                    P14

Alex Canales (Sherco)                 P21

Gaudi Vall (Sherco)                     P2

Harry Turner (Scorpa)                 P7


credits: Sherco Racing; Scorpa Racing and TRS Motorcycle

follow: Airoh Helmet Racing